Tom was a pleasure to work with from the start of the project right through to the end. His design and understanding of space and light are second to none. Tom worked very well with all parties involved during pre-build planning and stayed in close contact with the building team throughout. The quality of work and customer care was excellent. We absolutely love the end product and will certainly use this firm for future projects.

IG, Victorian Terrace

We always felt entirely at ease with Tom and that we were in very good hands. We were very pleased with the final result which has received favourable comments. An awkward little building has been transformed.

Tom was alive to the character of the building and very helpful on many design issues with good taste and helpful suggestions. His drawings and specifications were highly detailed which meant there was very little need for alterations and less possibility for disputes. The process of finding a builder was very fluent and seemed painless. Tom managed the construction phase well and had a good relationship with both the builders and ourselves. We had good information on choices and costings and Tom was helpfully firm with the builders when the occasion required it.

AS, Pilgrims Guest House

Strong design skills and construction knowledge meant that Tom was able to foresee issues and present new opportunities based on the historical nature of the build and the desired results. I felt very positive about his handling of the design which worked well as a foundation for the contractors and my reference.

While I had clear ideas of what I wanted, hearing a different knowledgeable perspective was a valuable process and I feel we found the best ideas through a strong collaboration. The process of achieving Planning and Listed Building Consent was smooth, efficient and sensitively handled. Tom was very helpful and all expectations were managed.

 The process of selecting a builder was great. Proactive, efficient and consistent handling made it a well-planned and fair trial as well as an opportunity to learn. As a result we found the perfect partners to work with.

Tom’s management of the construction phase was good. Construction is never easy and I feel I am very involved as a client in order to stay on top of things but I got all the answers I needed in a timely manner and all the paperwork was always in good order and up to date. Getting a top level finish was critical for me and the understanding of this ran through everything we did. 

 I was thrilled with the results and look forward to having an opportunity to work with Tom again.

 CL, Georgian House